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Cinnamon bay beach on St John

Best Beaches on St John

on September 3, 2019

Our picks for the best beaches on St John to spend the day before our Booze & Bites Happy Hour Tour!

Best beaches on St John to spend the day before our Booze & Bites Happy Hour Tour!

Planning a trip to the Caribbean is not something you do if you hate the beach. We know if you are traveling to St John or St Thomas on vacation you are coming for that impeccable white sand and crystal clear blue water; the kind of place that looks like it only exists on a postcard.

To tell the truth, you won’t be disappointing anywhere you go in the Virgin Islands. Every beach is beautiful. If you visit them enough, you will discover they each have their pros and cons.

The ocean is what us locals love the most and we take advantage of every beach day. Naturally, we have developed a few favorites over time.

When planning a beach day before your food tour, there are a few logistics you may need to consider. Taking that into account, we are sharing with you our picks for the top 5 best beaches on St John to visit before our Booze & Bites Happy Hour Tour.

Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon beach St John

If you are coming to St John on a time or money crunch, Honeymoon, the only beach hiking distance from Cruz Bay, offers a little bit of everything for the adventurer. A beautiful hike in the national park, a gorgeous beach, and great snorkeling all within walking distance of downtown Cruz Bay. This is why we chose it as one of the best beaches on St John for our guests.

From the ferry dock, take the Lind Point Trail, which can be accessed behind the Cruz Bay visitor center. The trail splits at one point so be sure to follow the signs for the lower trail. The upper trail leads to a look out for great views of the ocean; a good hike for anyone who wants to take a short walk from Cruz Bay.

Before you get to Honeymoon, you will pass Solomon beach that is lined with trees for a shady stop. Continue along the trail a little further to reach Honeymoon. The trail continues even further into Caneel Bay for those who wish to explore more.

The hike to honeymoon is around a mile and takes 20-40 minutes depending on your pace. Be sure to pack plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Maho Bay Beach

Maho Crossroad bar at Maho Beach St John

Maho Bay Beach is a long beautiful beach running close to the roadway that is unique in many ways. It offers the idyllic white sand and turquoise waters and even has the recent addition of a small beach bar, Maho Crossroads, which supplies cold beverages, souvenirs, and good conversation.

Additionally, snorkeling in Maho Bay is popular due to its shallow sea grass beds which draw hungry sea turtles making this beach a frequent stop for boaters. Note, the best time to spot turtles snacking on the sea grass is in the early morning or late afternoon.

One of the further beaches from Cruz Bay on our list, you will need a car or a safari to get to Maho. It is about a 20-25 minute ride from Cruz Bay. It’s easy to find a safari at the ferry dock to and from this beach, making it a great choice for the day before your food tour.

Cinnamon Bay Beach

View of Cinnamon Bay Beach from hiking trail

Cinnamon Bay is the perfect option for anyone that wants to experience some history, some nature, and some beach time. It’s not only the site of a beautiful beach, but it is also the location of the Cinnamon Bay Factory ruins, which was a large sugar plantation covering approximately 300 acres of the land above the beach.

The major ruins and a short loop trail, are easily found across the main road from the Cinnamon Bay Beach parking lot. The half mile loop is an easy walk that takes about 30 minutes.

There is also a longer trail that ascends from Centerline road down to the ruins. Your best bet to get to this trail is to have a taxi drop you at the top. You will find some great views on your 45-60 minutes downhill hike. Once you are at the beach, you will find numerous taxi’s to take you back to Cruz Bay.

Trunk Bay Beach

Trunk Bay beach from overlook

Continuously voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Trunk Bay is a favorite beach of locals and tourists. Enjoy the nations only underwater snorkel trail and spend the day on the white sand of the Virgin Islands most photographed beach. Beach side facilities include a snack bar and snorkeling gear rentals.

Transportation from Cruz Bay is pretty hassle free. You can find a safari to Trunk Bay without much effort by the Cruz Bay ferry dock. Taxi drivers line the beach parking lot in the afternoon as beach-goers start packing up and heading back to town.

Note, Trunk bay is the only beach on St John that charges an entrance fee.

Reef Bay

Reef Bay Beach St John

Our last pick is for the avid hiker or adventurer. Reef Bay Beach is only accessible by boat or by a 2.2-mile hiking trail that takes you through the tropical landscape past ancient petroglyphs and plantation ruins. The trail ends at a secluded beach perfect for a picnic.

The trailhead is located along Centerline Road about 4.9 miles from Cruz Bay. The best way to get there is by car; there is room for about 4-5 cars to park on the side of the road.

If you do not have a car, you can ask a taxi driver, who is usually happy to drop you off and arrange to return at a designated time.

While the distance may seen short, the trail does include many steep up-hill sections. Proper footwear and adequate water are recommended.

You know…. the only problem about a beach day on St John, is that food selection is scare. Your best option? Bring snacks.

We know from experience how you can work up a hunger in the ocean. That’s why our happy hour tour is designed specifically as the perfect end to a beach day. You won’t have to wait for a table, or to place your order, and you won’t have to choose where to go!

Come straight from the beach! Our spots are casual and will fill your belly with delicious dishes including seafood straight from the very water you swan in earlier. Book your tour now so you don’t miss out!