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seafood crab salad with light background

The Best Seafood in Saint John

on December 10, 2019

A list of our favorite seafood menu items in Cruz Bay, St John!

Saint John is a seafood lover's paradise so here are our picks for the best in Cruz Bay!

Fresh caught seafood is expected when you vacation somewhere surrounded by water. Most restaurants in St John have fish and shellfish delivered daily by local fisherman or flown in from around the world.

This consistent source of fresh ingredients provides an abundance of amazing menu items at almost every location. Therefore, we made the decision of where and what to eat easier by compiling this list of our favorite seafood dishes in Cruz Bay.

Fresh Catch Tacos from Lime Inn

fresh catch fish tacos from Lime Inn

Featured on the lunch menu at Lime Inn, these are hands down the best fish tacos on St John! Although these tacos were the original inspiration for their sister restaurant, Lime Out (the new floating taco bar off the south side of St John), because the fish is so fresh, they can only be found at their flagship restaurant in Cruz Bay. Check out their full menu here.

Shark Bites from Woody's Seafood Saloon

woodys seafood saloon sharkbites

The food at Woody’s is often overlooked but don’t let this dive fool you. Seasoned and grilled to perfection, the shark bites are a local favorite you have to try! (Don’t worry, they are made with fresh caught Mahi, not actual sharks). Check out their full menu here.

Saltfish Pate from Hercules

hercules saltfish pate

Saltfish is a Virgin Island favorite commonly eaten with cornmeal for breakfast or, our favorite way, in a pate! No, we aren’t talking about liver pate, but a flaky pasty crust filled with meats and vegetables like an empanada! Hercules is the place to go for the best saltfish pates. See more info about their location and menu here.

Ceviche from Morgan's Mango

seafood ceviche tuna tartar morgans mango restaurants

Ceviche is just one of the things done well at Morgan’s Mango. They have a rotating selection of 2 unique ceviches each night that incorporate the freshest island seafood and ingredients.  These ceviches offer a chance to cool off with a bite of refreshing tropical flavors. Check out their full menu here.

Conch Fritters from Woody's Seafood Saloon

fried conch fritters in metal tray with sauce

Conch fritters are popular all over the Caribbean and you will find this staple menu item at many restaurants in the Virgin Islands. However, our vote for the best conch fritters goes to Woody’ hands down. These are always a good choice when you need a little snack with your rum! Check out their full menu here.

Clam Chowder from Lime Inn

clam chowder in white bowl with cocktail

The recipe of the original owner, this classic has remained on the menu at Lime Inn for over 30 years. Their current chef from Puerto Rico does an amazing job of elevating these traditional items and bringing in the flavor of the islands! Check out their full menu here.

Seafood Paella from La Tapa

La Tapa does a wonderful job of incorporating the flavors of the island and the sea into this classic Spanish dish. Made for two, this paella is perfect for parties who like to share & can easily feed a group of 4 when also splitting some appetizers. Check out their full menu here.

Poke Bowl from Longboard

poke bowl from longboard restaurant in st john

Poke bowls are all the rage with foodies in the states, and they have made it to St John on the menu of the Caribbean surf shack, The Longboard. Build your own bowl with tuna, salmon, or daily fresh catch and multiple different styles to choose from! Check out their full menu here.

Snapper Creole from De Coal Pot

whole snapper creole de coal pot st john

De Coal Pot is the perfect place for anyone seeking a truly authentic West Indian culinary experience. Their menu offers a variety of traditional Caribbean classics, but we recommend this whole fried red snapper in an amazing creole sauce for the seafood lover! Check out their full menu here.

Still can’t decide? Let us make the decision for you and come along one of our food tours! You will have the chance to sample some of these favorite seafood dishes as well as other island favorites at some of the best restaurants in Cruz Bay.